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A different kind of family car…

Live life in the long lane, not that that’s a thing. Just buy a limousine is what we’re saying.


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The Vauxhall Zafia GSi…

The Zafira GSi, fun for all the family. In a silly kind of way.


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Tools of the trade…

Buying a car is fraught with dangers. Handily though, we live in the future. So we can arm ourselves.


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Boredom on wheels – My Vectra SRi

Black, brief, boring.


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Did what it said on the tin – My Vauxhall Calibra

Nothing to report. All went well.


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Thief Magnet – My Vauxhall Nova

Every young man should have a Nova, but it’s better if they’re not like this.


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Homeless Shelter – The Second Astra GTE

I had another Astra GTE. This time with an unwanted resident.


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Car ‘parties’ – The Astra GTE

This, ladies and gents, is a MK2 Astra GTE… Ahh, the 80s Nice looking thing by all accounts, if you’re into ’80s hot hatches that is. If you’re into potted plants and tweed, it’s probably lost on you. It also … Read more