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The Jaguar XJ…

Are you thinking of becoming a loan shark, or a gangster? You’ll need the right wheels.


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Mobile tetanus – My 1973 Oldsmobile

I bought an American car. It was not a good American car in any way, shape or form.


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Getting away with it…

We’re not advocating this particular usage, okay? No names, right? We didn’t see you, it’s all good. Just give us £2,000 and we’ll sort the motah!


Not £2 Grand loves – ROADKILL

Here’s a new thing we’re going to be a doing: N2G Loves. The first thing we’re going to declare our undying, motoring love for is Roadkill. No, not dead cats at the side of the A38. We’re talking about the hit U.S … Read more


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Making the moss-t of it – My Mercedes 500SEL

It was a moss-covered Mercedes. It’s a play on words, geddit?


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The W220 Mercedes-Benz S Class…

Look like a mob boss or Sir Lordypants Alan Sweetner, despite the fact you work part time at Greggs.


The BMW 7 Series…

Because driving isn’t much fun unless you look like a gangster.


The P38 Range Rover…

Big, chunky, available with a V8 and carrying a badge synonymous with the great outdoors. Just ignore the build quality.


The Audi A8…

German. Aluminium. Fast. And you’ll have to sell a child if it breaks down. Focus on the first three points.