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The Vauxhall Calibra…

The Calibra is a classic, whether you like it or not! If you want to make a few quid, now is the time to buy.


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The Honda Legend…

The Honda Legend. Best. Car name. Ever. Apart from the Mazda Bong Friendee, obviously.


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The Mondeo ST220…

Being Mondeo man is not bad thing, especially if you have a 3.0 V6 to play with.


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The Ford Scorpio…

Try not to be too repulsed. The Ford Scorpio is well worth your attention.


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The MG ZT-T…

The MG ZT-T. Think of it as an angry Rover 75. That’s what we do.


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The Alfa Romeo 166…

Be all stylish and Italian for the same money as a weekend away to Crete. This is the Alfa Romeo 166.


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Getting away with it…

We’re not advocating this particular usage, okay? No names, right? We didn’t see you, it’s all good. Just give us £2,000 and we’ll sort the motah!


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Drifted Clearways – My 1976 Mk2 Capri 3.0S

Not a JPS. Not particularly solid. Didn’t actually drift Clearways (a corner at Brands Hatch, for the uninitiated).


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The Renault Vel Satis…

French and quirky, like a Parisian Furby.


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Boredom on wheels – My Vectra SRi

Black, brief, boring.