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The Saab 9-5…

Saabs are a bit off the wall, a bit unconventional if you will. You should definitely buy one.


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The Rover 800…

We owned a Rover 800. it was not good. However, we still have love for big old motor.


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Seven months, seven days – My Rover 820 Vitesse

Like a luxury car, but more diabolically shite.


The Smart Roadster/Coupe…

Pocket sized and able to provide hours of joy. Visit to Anne Summers not required.


The Skoda Octavia vRS…

First person to make a joke about Skodas get a slap in the mush, got it?


The Subaru Impreza

Sounds like a Pinto with a HT lead missing, but goes a lot bloody faster. Because rally car, as the kids might say.