The best things in life are free. My 1980 Mitsubishi Sapporo…

Got it for free. Took it apart. Ran out of talent.


My Mercedes W123 280E…

It was a high-end, quality automobile. It also smelled like wee inside.


Bit of this, bit of that – My 1977 MK2 Capri…

The car I never promised myself


Ultimate Failing Machine – My BMW E28…

It was £300, so what the hell was I expecting?


The Lancashire Job – The Mini (Part 3)

It finally dies in this one.


The Lancashire Job – The Mini (Part 2)

The ongoing saga goes on.


The Lancashire Job – The Mini (Part 1)

They say everyone should own a Mini at some point. They’re wrong.


Car ‘parties’ – The Astra GTE

This, ladies and gents, is a MK2 Astra GTE… Ahh, the 80s Nice looking thing by all accounts, if you’re into 80s hot hatches that is. If you’re into potted plants and tweed, it’s probably lost on you. It also … Read more


Testing Father – The next Ford Capri

This was a covert mission, surrounded in stealth, mystery and near Bond-like manoeuvres behind bushes. Mainly because the car was located within some shrubbery, not because I was some sort of bush-dwelling teenager. That phase of my life came about … Read more


Father’s Rage – The MK2 Capri

Imagine rust. And no headlights. And some beige. BINGO!