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The Fiat 500…

The Fiat 500 is a style icon. It’s a huge commercial success, and now it’s cheap. Triple threat or what?


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The BMW 1-Series…

Fun, practical, rear-wheel drive and cheap. The BMW 1-Series has it all. Winner!


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YOUR CARS: Tom ‘Wookie’ Ford’s Volvo…

Not content with finding the best cars you can buy for £2,000, we’re also looking at what you’ve actually bought…


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The Audi A2…

The Audi A2. It looks a bit like R2-D2, which is sort of cute, right?


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The Lexus IS220d…

Get your filthy, cash-strapped hands on a Lexus, Japan’s Mercedes-Benz…


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The Chrysler Crossfire…

Please don’t buy this. Just don’t. Even with a bargain price tag, the Crossfire is an appalling waste of money.


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The Volvo C30…

A Volvo that comes with added style. not just lots of corners and straight edges, we kid you not.


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The Cadillac BLS…

Buy this Cadillac and spend your days explaining to people what it is. That won’t get old.


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Dealer Profile – Bigperm Customs

Bigperm Customs is the embodiment of the Not 2 Grand ethos. If you’re on a budget and you want cools wheels, this is the place for you…