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The Toyota Prius…

We can’t put this off any longer. The Prius is cheap, and while it pains us to say it, it’s not that bad.


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The Nissan Cube…

The Nissan Cube. If you could build a car out of a big Lego Duplo block, this is what it would look like.


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The Subaru Forester…

Go off road, but not too far. The Subaru Forester isn’t a Range Rover you know.


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The Toyota Corolla T Sport…

The ‘hot’ Toyota Corolla. Or is it just warm? Who cares, it’s cheap, right?


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The Mazda6 MPS…

Is the Mazda6 MPS the best sleeper ever? Read on to find out.


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The Lexus IS220d…

Get your filthy, cash-strapped hands on a Lexus, Japan’s Mercedes-Benz…


The Mitsubishi L200…

Because nothing says ‘rugged bloke’ like driving a pick-up, or a ‘truck’ as you’ll no doubt call it in front of your friends…


1980, mitsubishi, sapporo, cars, motoring, automotive, sales, car, car sales

The best things in life are free – ’80 Mitsubishi Sapporo

Got it for free. Took it apart. Ran out of talent.


Suzuki Cappuccini, Suzuki, cappuccino, sports car, convertible, kei car, small car, japan, japanese car, motoring, automotive, classic car, retro car, old car, car, cars

The Suzuki Cappuccino…

No, it’s not really far away. It’s that small, bless it.