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The Ford Focus…

Ford didn’t sell a truck-load of the Focus because it was rubbish…


Toyota IQ, Toyota, IQ, small car, Japanese car, hatchback, city car, motoring, automotive, car, cars, bargain car, urban car

The Toyota IQ…

The Toyota iQ. It’s minuscule, but that doesn’t stop it for offering a lot.


Nissan Cube, Nissan, Cube, Japan, Japanese car, hatchback, family car, odd car, weird car, strange car, automotive, car, cars, retro car, classic car, cheap car, bargain car, motoring, ebay, ebay motors, autotrader

The Nissan Cube…

The Nissan Cube. If you could build a car out of a big Lego Duplo block, this is what it would look like.


Vauxhall Insignia, Vauxhall, Insignia, SRi, Elite, NAV, Luton, saloon car, hatchback, company car, rep car, boring car, motoring, automotive, car, cars, diesel, petrol, autotrader, ebay, ebay motors, classic car, retro car, cheap car, bargain car

The Vauxhall Insignia…

The Vauxhall Insignia. A great car if you’re really boring. Like, really, really boring.


Toyota Corolla T Sport, Toyota Corolla, T Sport, Corolla T Sport, Toyota Corolla, japan, Japanese car, hatchback, hot hatch, Golf GTi, Focus, motoring, automotive, classic car, retro car, ebay motors, autotrader

The Toyota Corolla T Sport…

The ‘hot’ Toyota Corolla. Or is it just warm? Who cares, it’s cheap, right?


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The Suzuki Swift Sport…

Looking for a modern, fun pocket rocket? Well look no further, because the Suzuki Swift is here!


alfa romeo 147, alfa romeo, alfa, 147, alfa 147, lusso, gtv, twin spark, italian, italian car, hatchback, classic car, retro car, motoring, automotive, car, cars, pretty car,

The Alfa Romeo 147…

The Alfa Romeo 147. It’s so pretty, you simply won’t care when it breaks down.


smart forfour, smart, forfour, smart car, mercedes-benz, mercedes, benz, hatchback, economy, economical car, motoring, automotive, car, cars, classic car, retro car, ebay motors, ebay, autotrader

The Smart ForFour…

The Smart ForFour, the cleverest little car that you’ve probably forgotten about.


ford focus st170, st170, focus, st, ford, motoring, cars, automotive, claiic car, retro car, performance ford, classif ford, retro ford, fast ford, motoring, automotive, car, cars

The Ford Focus ST170…

Like an RS, but less blue. And a bit slower. And a lot cheaper. Yeah, those things.


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Some other cars I had…

I had a lot of cars around this time (circa 2006). Most of them don’t deserve a post of their own, so here are the highlights.