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We’ve come a long way, baby.

Smashing stuff – some 1980s crash tests for your viewing pleasure.


Not £2 Grand loves – ROADKILL

Here’s a new thing we’re going to be a doing: N2G Loves. The first thing we’re going to declare our undying, motoring love for is Roadkill. No, not dead cats at the side of the A38. We’re talking about the hit U.S … Read more


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What was I thinking? – My Rover 420GSi

Because I thought a Rover would be okay.


The Audi TT…

If you buy one only to have someone call you a hairdresser, give them a slap. They couldn’t be more wrong.


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Genesis – the Triumph Dolomite

Dolomites are not cool. Nor are they safe. I learned both the hard way.