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The Daihatsu Copen…

The Daihatsu Copen is quirky, cheeky little thing. And we like that, and maybe you will too?


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The Vauxhall Calibra…

The Calibra is a classic, whether you like it or not! If you want to make a few quid, now is the time to buy.


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The Honda Legend…

The Honda Legend. Best. Car name. Ever. Apart from the Mazda Bong Friendee, obviously.


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The Rover 800…

We owned a Rover 800. it was not good. However, we still have love for big old motor.


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The Mercedes-Benz CLK…

The CLK is an elegant coupe that still looks fresh today. Could it be your next motor?


Vauxhall Calibra, Vauxhall, Calibra, SE2, coupe, car, classic car, retro car, old car, autotrader, ebay motors, ebay, car, cars

Did what it said on the tin – My Vauxhall Calibra

Nothing to report. All went well.


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Bought once, sold twice – My Mercedes 230CE

Hand built by germans. Rusted to within an inch of its life by England. Bought by an idiot.


The Smart Roadster/Coupe…

Pocket sized and able to provide hours of joy. Visit to Anne Summers not required.


Mazda RX8. Mazda, RX8, rotary, rotary wankel engine, wankel, car, sports, sports car, fast car. japanese car, motoring, automotive, car, cars, cheap car, ebay motors, autotrader

The Mazda RX-8…

Because it’s fun to tell people you have a Wankel engine.