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The MG ZT-T…

The MG ZT-T. Think of it as an angry Rover 75. That’s what we do.


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My 1997 Escort ‘track car’…

This why you should never try and build your own track car. Or it’s at least a lesson in why should avoid an Escort.


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The Rover 800…

We owned a Rover 800. it was not good. However, we still have love for big old motor.


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We’ve come a long way, baby.

Smashing stuff – some 1980s crash tests for your viewing pleasure.


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The Mercedes-Benz CLK…

The CLK is an elegant coupe that still looks fresh today. Could it be your next motor?


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The Peugeot 407 Coupe…

The 407 Coupe, it’s the thinking man’s coupe, or something.


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The Renault Avantime…

More French than Jean Reno dipped in Onion Soup.


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The Fiat Panda 100HP…

The Fiat Panda 100HP, the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Though you could drive it naked. Police might take a dim view.


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The MINI Cooper S…

We used to hate the MINI. Now we don’t. Funny old thing, getting older.


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The Volvo V70…

The Volvo V70. A luxury motor for not much dosh, and it’s big enough to live in. Winner!