Meet The Team

Chris ‘The Pollitt’ Pollitt – N£2G Head Honcho


Who the hell put him in charge?

Buying his first car at 14 years of age, The Pollitt has been a cheap car aficionado from the off. That car might have been a £40 Triumph Dolomite which he proceeded to drive into a wall mere hours later, but it didn’t dampen his enthusiasm. Instead a dubious career in the motor industry and motoring journalism blossomed. Two careers which, while fun, never offered much in the way of a considerable salary. As such, his motoring life would be filled with many cheap cars- nearly 130 so far. But for our Pollitt, a low budget wasn’t going to mean low aspirations. Always making the most of his money, he soon figured out where to buy, how to buy and just what he could buy for not-alotta-cash. We are, however, choosing to ignore his undying and unjustifiable love for crap old Rovers, Mercs that don’t work and Astra GTEs. He sucks at GTEs.

Dan Bevis – The other bloke what makes things happen



Bevis hasn’t owned as many cars as Pollitt, but he’s trying his best: current tally is 35-ish. His first car was a Vauxhall Nova 1.0, which was made of rust and misery and blew up rather spectacularly. There have been a lot of highlights along the way (a number of 205 GTIs, various Fords [including a 2.8i Capri, a mkII Cortina, loads of mkIII Escorts and a canary yellow XR4i]), some lowlights (Fiat Coupe Turbos, MkIII Fiestas, and nobody mention E36 Beemers…), and he’s currently rolling the Octavia vRS which you can see in the ‘Fleet’ section.

Dan blogs about cars at SuckSqueezeBangBlow and writes for various automotive sources – Retro Cars, Performance BMW, GoCompare, etc – and bores his family to tears dragging them relentlessly to car show after car show. He likes cars. A lot.

Mike ‘Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again’ Mason – N£2G Tech Dude


Strike a pose

Mike has the skill and the brain which makes everything you see here, well, work. Without him Pollitt and Bevis would just be two blokes stood in a room with hand-scrawled words about cars,. Without Mike, we’d be buggered. What he doesn’t know about web design isn’t worth knowing, and that’s why we’re glad to have him on the team. He sees the world in HTML and he gets giddy at the mere mention of ‘code’. He’s no one-trick pony though, oh no. Mike has built, yes, built cars in the past. His Anglia Van is a work of art and way beyond the technical expertise of Pollitt and Bevis. Basically, he’s an invaluable part of the team. Plus, we can pay him in HDMI cables and USB ports, with the occasional motherboard as an added bonus. He is, however, from Yorkshire, but we won’t hold that against him.