The Failures


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Diesel power – My Vectra 2.2 CDX

Don’t hate on the Vectra. I’ve had three and they were all great, especially this one.


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Investment opportunity – My third Astra GTE

A rusty £450 Astra GTE 16-valve is not, repeat NOT, an investment opportunity.


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Made it better, ish – My Mondeo ST TDCi

A car I owned that I actually loved. What are the chances of that happening?


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TWOC’d – My Mondeo Ghia X

I’m not even going to try and sum up what happened. Just read it. It’s… a unique story.


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Samurai without a master – My 605

I had a big Peugeot. As you can imagine, it didn’t end well. Though for once it wasn’t my fault.


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Mobile tetanus – My 1973 Oldsmobile

I bought an American car. It was not a good American car in any way, shape or form.


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Poor track record – My 1997 Escort ‘track car’

This why you should never try and build your own track car. Or it’s at least a lesson in why should avoid an Escort.


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The gearbox of doom – My W202 C230

Another Mercedes-Benz. Another truckload of absolute fail.


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Lost Property – My second W126 Benz

The only car I have ever owned that someone lost. No, really.


The one that got away – My Mk2 Golf Driver

A Golf I bought, transformed and enjoyed. No fire, death or failure at all. Weird.