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Fire risk – My E38 730i

Big, wafty and suffered from a severe dislike of retaining its petrol.


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Some other cars I had…

I had a lot of cars around this time (circa 2006). Most of them don’t deserve a post of their own, so here are the highlights.


Vauxhall Calibra, Vauxhall, Calibra, SE2, coupe, car, classic car, retro car, old car, autotrader, ebay motors, ebay, car, cars

Did what it said on the tin – My Vauxhall Calibra

Nothing to report. All went well.


Suzuki Cappuccini, Suzuki, cappuccino, sports car, convertible, kei car, small car, japan, japanese car, motoring, automotive, classic car, retro car, old car, car, cars

The Suzuki Cappuccino…

No, it’s not really far away. It’s that small, bless it.