Monthly Archives: February 2014


The Smart Roadster/Coupe…

Pocket sized and able to provide hours of joy. Visit to Anne Summers not required.


Ultimate Failing Machine – My BMW E28

It was £300, so what the hell was I expecting?


Rover, 420GSi, British, longbridge, cars, classic car, retro car, motoring, automotive

What was I thinking? – My Rover 420GSi

Because I thought a Rover would be okay.


The C-Max…

Because we can be sensible, too.


The Audi TT…

If you buy one only to have someone call you a hairdresser, give them a slap. They couldn’t be more wrong.


Mazda RX8. Mazda, RX8, rotary, rotary wankel engine, wankel, car, sports, sports car, fast car. japanese car, motoring, automotive, car, cars, cheap car, ebay motors, autotrader

The Mazda RX-8…

Because it’s fun to tell people you have a Wankel engine.


Hello, welcome to a new Not £2 Grand!

It's been a long time coming, but look, we're here! We're fresh, new and all up in your face with cheap car loveliness. How very wonderful! The hawk-eyed among you will notice that the current cars on the site are … Read more


Nissan Sunny, Nissan, Sunny, Nissan Y10, Nissan estate, cars,, motoring, automotive, cars, car, ebay motors, autotrader, classic car, retro car, old car

The Hand-me-down – My Nissan Sunny Estate

One of my automotive loves for a change, rather than something hateful.


The BMW 7 Series…

Because driving isn’t much fun unless you look like a gangster.


The Skoda Fabia vRS

A Skoda. A diesel Skoda at that. And yes, you bloody well should buy one.