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The Skoda Octavia vRS…

First person to make a joke about Skodas get a slap in the mush, got it?


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The SportKa…

Like the normal Ka, but a little angrier and a little more fun to drive.


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The ‘new’ Volkswagen Beetle…

Like the old one, but with more Golf underneath it and more water cooling the engine.


The P38 Range Rover…

Big, chunky, available with a V8 and carrying a badge synonymous with the great outdoors. Just ignore the build quality.


The Alfa Romeo Spider…

It’s Italian, it’s sexy and it’ll more than likely suffer a mechanical and electrical meltdown. Buy hey, at least you’ll look gorgeous while waiting for the AA man.


The Audi A8…

German. Aluminium. Fast. And you’ll have to sell a child if it breaks down. Focus on the first three points.


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Thief Magnet – My Vauxhall Nova

Every young man should have a Nova, but it’s better if they’re not like this.


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Homeless Shelter – The Second Astra GTE

I had another Astra GTE. This time with an unwanted resident.